Jochen Maaßen - Wild Child… in the City of Light

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Wild Child… in the City of Light is the diary of a Rock & Roll junkie, following his idols, The Doors and affiliated friends, all over Europe and beyond. A must have for fans of The Doors, both old and young, who want to celebrate their love for a legendary rock band and iconic rock star Jim Morrison.

Wild Child… in the City of Light is the diary of a Rock & Roll junkie, following his idols all over Europe and beyond. Jochen Maaßen will take you across two continents, to Paris, London, New York, Rotterdam, Bremen, Cologne, Liverpool and countless other places, where he meets great musicians like Robby Krieger, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek of The Doors, and Eric Burdon (The Animals). He goes on tour with renowned Doors tribute band The Soft Parade, is in Paris during the annual Jim Morrison celebration and tries to buy a beer at a petrol station in Liverpool on Yellow Submarine Day.

Wild Child… in the City of Light is of interest to fans for rock-music, rock-photography, poetry, art, and of course The Doors. The full colour book is packed with rare and unpublished interviews, pictures, paintings, poems and stories by (among others) Joe Russo, Michelle Campbell, Darryl Read, Gilles Yepremian and, of course, Jochen Maaßen himself.

The book is of ultra-high quality and in glossy full colour. Included is an interview CD (Eric Burdon discussing Jim Morrison and The Doors). The book, including the CD and a double-sided full colour poster, is a special limited edition of only 500 numbered and signed copies. 

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Readers reviews

The memoir of a true Doors fan. Very good work & a very handsome book.
Ray Manzarek, USA (The Doors)


When Jochen first explained the concept of this book to me, being familiar with his work, I was certain it was going to be a high quality effort. When I finally received the book last week, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. It is so well done and so full of sights (and sounds!) that it took me quite a while to just savor it all. Actually, I feel it qualifies as an 'art' book as well - so gloriously designed are its pages. It is so obviously a labor of love. Each page is printed and thoughfully designed with attention to quality and detail far beyond the standard music-oriented book. I will not comment further on the text or contents, the lucky owner of the book can explore that for his/herself. But know in advance what to expect, and that it is worth more than every penny (euro?) you might spend to acquire it. A fantastic job, Jochen, and a piece of work to be very proud of. A true collectors item and a must for music/art/poetry fans.
Joe Russo (The Soft Parade), USA


Wow, (..) what a beautiful book, really a labor of love, and an illustration of what Jim Morrison's legacy is all about, the worldwide family of fans that continues to love The Doors music and Jim's inspiration. Your book is an inspiration to us all, and a treasure for the eyes and mind. Your story is an example of how rock music influences people around the world and brings millions of us together. It's a big family, the Doors family, and Jim would have been proud. It is also a great pleasure to see many friends that I have come to know over the years in the pages of your book. Thanks for the beautiful trip.
Michelle Campbell, France


Recently, I received two copies of the book, one for me and one for Eric Burdon. Once I started, I couldn't put the book down. I went back a second time just to see the pictures. They're all beautiful!! Jochen skillfully brings us back to our youth, through his eyes and experiences. Don't ever grow up - and let’s get another book going...
Phil Metzger, USA (The Eric Burdon Newsletter)


Ein Rock Buch der Extraklasse. Hier hat ein echter Fan mit viel Arbeit und Zeitaufwand für andere Fans einen Meilenstein hinterlassen. Ausgeflipptes Layout, schöne Gimmicks, Bilder ohne Ende. Ein visueller Leckerbissen, in dem wirklich sehr viel Mühe und Leidenschaft steckt. Danke Jochen!!
Herbert Hauke, Germany (Founder & Director of the Rock Museum Munich)


Your latest work impressed me enormously! This book touches the true nature of the Doors and the Rock music of the 60s sharply.
Nozawa Osamu, Japan


About the author

Jochen Maaßen was born in Germany in December 1963 and has lived and worked there all of his adult life. After graduation, he became a lithographer.

At the age of seven, the music of the sixties attracted his attention and nothing else has captured his interest and imagination as much since. A huge Doors fan for many years, he is the author of many publications on The Doors and the celebration of this continuing phenomenon. 

His most well-known work is 8th December 1993 – Impressions of an Anniversary (1995). He has also designed countless posters, CDs and book covers and participated in many other projects utilizing his skills and boundless creativity.

9.6 × 118 inch
245 × 300 mm

136  pages



first edition 2004

May 2023